Helicopter insurance is one of the most versatile aviation insurance products, having a broad range of uses and coming with its own unique risks. Premier Aviation Insurance, a concierge brokerage located in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers a wide range of helicopter insurance policies, including Bell helicopter insurance, Airbus helicopter insurance, Bonanza insurance, and a lot more. Helicopter insurance is an ideal option for

The cost of helicopter insurance will depend on several factors. The coverage you need for helicopter insurance is dependent upon the specific risks involved in the use of your helicopter, where you fly, and other factors. For insurance, you may need to get personal helicopter insurance. If you fly a helicopter for personal use or fun, you don’t need a business insurance policy to cover your risks. However, if you fly a helicopter as a part of a commercial operation, you need to have a business insurance policy to cover your risks. As the specifics of your aviation insurance policy will depend upon its use and risks, it is important to work with an experienced insurance company that has the capability to fully assess your needs and provide a tailor-made insurance policy to meet your specific risks and requirements. Here are some of the things considered by an insurance company when they put together your helicopter insurance quote.

What type of helicopter?

Whether you are looking for Bell helicopter insurance or Airbus helicopter insurance, selecting the insurance policy and the insurance coverage will depend on the type of helicopter, its age, make, model, and modifications.

Helicopter Values

Helicopter value is generally basedon an agreed value prior to the quote.

Pilot Experience

We consider total flying time, time on different types of aircraft, time on the make and model of helicopter, and claims history.

Helicopter use

Helicopter insurance companies typically provide insurance for helicopters used for common uses such as pleasure and business operations. They also provide insurance for specialised uses of helicopters such as training, charter, aerial work, etc.

Insurance claims history

Theclaims history for the owner, operator, and/or business is considered by the insurance carriers for providing insurance policies.

When you approach an aviation insurance company, they usually cover specific aspects of helicopter insurance, including physical damage insurance, liability insurance, and passenger coverage insurance. Insurance carriers usually require the pilots to be accomplished and expert at flying helicopters. They should also be keenly mindful and responsive to wind conditions.

Helicopters are capable of going just about anywhere, for any purpose, and are the most versatile flying machines around. However, helicopters face a plethora of risks, ranging from passengers getting injured in flight to the rotors or skids being damaged while landing. A solid helicopter insurance policy with adequate liability coverage is necessary to safeguard people and property in the situations that can cause significant collateral damage. When you invest in the right aviation insurance policy, it protects you, your passengers and the helicopter in the event of an unforeseen mishap.

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