Bell Helicopter Textron is one of the world’s most well-known Rotor Wing Aircraft manufacturers. Since its inception in 1935 by Larry Bell, Bell Helicopter Textron has been a market leader in vertical lift aircraft. In 1941, this Fort Worth, Texas-based company created its first helicopter, the Model 30. It was made partly of plywood beams, and the rotor blades were made of a balsa wood composite! Bell Helicopter has delivered over 35,000 aircraft and is widely regarded as one of the world’s most popular helicopter manufacturers, with a reputation for superior quality, service, and an excellent safety record.

Bell Helicopters’ commercial fleet includes over 13,000 aircraft that operate in over 120 countries. For decades, the Bell 206 and Bell 407 have been two of the world’s best-selling civil helicopters. The Bell 206 Jet Ranger has a fleet of over 7,300 aircraft and more than 38 million flight hours.

Airbus helicopter insurance is a type of specialized insurance whose premiums vary depending on the make and model of the aircraft, the hull value, the use of the aircraft, the pilot’s history and qualifications, and the aircraft insurance rates. The loss history of each specific make and model, as well as the loss history of the industry as a whole, should be considered.

Bell 206 insurance, like any airbus helicopter insurance, is divided into two categories. The first is liability coverage, which is standard on all aircraft insurance policies, and the second is hull coverage, which is optional and covers damage to the aircraft itself.

Bell helicopter insurance covers damage caused by the aircraft outside of the aircraft, specifically property damage and bodily injury, as well as money for legal defense if the aircraft owner is issued. This liability coverage is also available in the form of a bubble that follows the aircraft around.

If the aircraft has hungered, liability coverage extends throughout the hangar, and airports will typically require you to have this coverage. It is not a separate insurance policy; rather, it is built into your standard aviation insurance policy. The second and optional coverage in a Helicopter insurance policy is hull coverage. Aircraft hull insurance covers damage to the aircraft itself and has a set value that does not depreciate. The agreed-upon value is determined during the initial insurance quote process.

Premium insurance covers all types of rotor-wing aircraft as well as their numerous applications including Bell helicopter insurance, Airbus helicopter insurance, Embraer insurance, Phenom insurance, etc. They can find you affordable insurance for everything from your daily commute to large commercial operations involving charter or firefighting. Aircraft insurance for Bell Helicopters is simple to obtain and offers very low rates. Bell Helicopters has a long history, a large fleet, and an excellent safety record, which makes them some of the most insurable rotor-wing aircraft on the market.

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