Pilatus, a Swiss company famed for its high-capacity utility aircraft, had recognized an underserved market area in 1989: a highly capable and efficient single-engine aircraft that could give long-range and high cruising speeds while also providing access to thousands of tiny rural airports. Pilatus secretly engaged their design team to produce a purpose-built aircraft for introduction in the early 1990s, rather than building off of a previous model. The interior is larger than not just its turboprop competitors, but also numerous small jets. The cabin was built from the ground up to be exceedingly adaptable, with standard seat tracks allowing for the quick installation and removal of a wide range of layouts. A six-seat luxury configuration, a high-density commuter setup sitting up to nine, a medevac interior accommodating one or two patients and their attendants, and combination choices that could transport one or two patients Low takeoff and landing speeds, as well as the resulting short runway needs, were achieved by combining a relatively quick and efficient wing with exceptionally effective Fowler flaps. The PC-12 is powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop, which has a 1200 shaft horsepower rating. The single-pilot could rely on a standardized Bendix King cockpit and basic, reliable equipment for reliability and capability.

The PC-12’s mix of capability and low operating costs has resulted in significant demand, with over 1800 units produced to date, as well as excellent value retention, with even early models retaining an unusually high percentage of its original value. The aircraft is popular with charter operations, medevac firms, corporations, and even commuter airlines all over the world because of its unique design’s enormous versatility.

Pilatus PC-12 insurance is divided into two distinct coverage, as is the case with all aviation insurance. The first is Liability Coverage, which is a type of insurance that protects you from being sued and is standard on every aircraft insurance policy and the second is optional hull coverage, which covers damage to the aircraft itself.

Pilatus PC-12 aviation liability insurance covers damage caused by the aircraft, outside of the aircraft. This coverage specifically covers property damage, bodily injury, and provides for legal protection in the event that the aircraft owner or policyholder is issued.

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